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I'm working on some lyrics of my own and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas to help me get moving. I have a basic concept but I'm looking for good imagery.
The song is about my relationship with my bf of over 3 years. We found out recently that I once moved into a house that he just moved out of right before I got there. It was pretty freaky. We didn't meet until about 3 years later. Anyway, I'd like to go with the idea of his presence being in the house, kind of like a ghost. With the lyrics I have so far it could be summarized as Ghosts of the Future (song title at this point). If anyone could think of any good lyrical images that might go with this, I would greatly appreciate the help. I don't typically ask for help like this but I like to hear other people's ideas and this could be a good opportunity. I also love to hear songs using a play on words. I heard this lyric today from Gwen Stefani's new album. "You're a salty water, ocean wave, you knock me down, you kiss my face..." I love that it has a double meaning. Thanks in advance for your help!
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